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January 2011 - Network's Accomplishments for 2008, 2009 and 2010!

Thus far, the Network for Multicultural Research on Health and Healthcare has published 39 articles in peer-reviewed journals and one book chapter. Furthermore, 6 manuscripts have been accepted for publication, 8 are currently under review and 14 are soon to be submitted! Congratulations to all the Network investigators and thank you again for all your hard work!

Manuscripts published in 2008

González HM, Croghan T, West B, Williams D, Nesse R, Tarraf W, Taylor R, Hinton L, Neighbords H and Jackson J. “Antidepressant Use in Black and White Populations in the United States.” Psychiatric Services, 59(10): 1131-1138, 2008.

Reyes-Ortiz CA, Velez LF, Camacho ME, Ottenbacher KJ and Markides KS. “Health Insurance and Cervical Cancer Screening among Older Women In Latin American and Caribbean Cities.” International Journal of Epidemiology, 37(4): 870-878, 2008.

Manuscripts published in 2009

Alegria M, Sribney WM, Perez D, Laderman M and Keefe K. “The Role of Patient Activation on Patient-Provider Communicaton and Quality of Care for US and Foreign Born Latino Patients.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 534-541, 2009.

Beal A, Hernandez S, and Doty M. “Latino Access to the Patient-Centered Medical Home.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3):514-520, 2009.

Beard HA, Ghatrif JA, Samper-Ternent F, Gerst K and Markides KS. “Trends in Diabetes Prevalence and Diabetes-Related Complications in Older Mexican-Americans From 1993/1994 to 2004/2005.” Diabetes Care, 32(12): 2212-2217, 2009.

Bersamin A, Stafford RS and Winkleby MA. “Predictors of Hypertension Awareness, Treatment, and Control Among Mexican American Women and Men.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 521-527, 2009.

Duran B, Oetzel J, Parker T, Malcoe LH, Lucero J and Jian Y. “Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Disorders Among American Indian Women from Southwest Tribes in Primary Care.” American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research, 16(2): 11-27, 2009.

González HM, Ceballos M, Tarraf W, West BT, Bowen ME and Vega WA. “The Health of Older Mexican Americans in the Long Run.” American Journal of Public Health, 99(10): 1879-1885, 2009.

González HM, Tarraf W, West BT, Croghan TW, Bowen ME, Cao Z and Alegria M. “Antidepressant Use in a National Representative Sample of Community-Dwelling US Latinos with and without Depressive and Anxiety Disorders.” Depression and Anxiety, 26: 674-681, 2009.

González HM, Vega WA, Rodriguez MA, Tarraf W and Sribney W. “Diabetes Awareness and Knowledge Among Latinos: Does a Usual Source of Healthcare Matter?” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(Suppl 3): 528-533, 2009.

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Moreno G, Tarn DM and Morales LS. “Impact of Interpreters on the Receipt of New Prescription Medication Information Among Spanish-Speaking Latinos.” Medical Care, 47(12): 1201-1208, 2009.

Ottenbacher KJ, Graham JE, Al Snih S, Raji M, Samper-Ternent R, Ostir GV and Markides KS. “Mexican Americans and Frailty: Findings From the Hispanic Established Populations Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly.” American Journal of Public Health, 99(4): 673-679, 2009.

Perez D, Sribney WM and Rodriguez MA. “Perceived Discrimination and Self-Reported Quality of Care Among Latinos in the United States.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 548-554, 2009.

Perez D, Ang A and Vega WA. “Effects of Health Insurance on Perceived Quality of Care Among Latinos in the United States.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 555-560, 2009.

Reyes-Ortiz CA, Rodriguez MA and Markides KS. “The Role of Spirituality Healing with Perceptions of the Medical Encounter among Latinos.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 542-547, 2009.

Rodríguez MA, Vargas-Bustamante A and Ang A. “Perceived Quality of Care, Receipt of Preventive Care, and Usual Source of Health Care Among Undocumented and Other Latinos.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 534-541, 2009.

Rodríguez MA and Vega WA. “Confronting Inequities in Latino Health Care.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 505-507, 2009.

Vargas-Bustamante A, Fang H, Rizzo JA and Ortega AN. “Heterogeneity in Health Insurance Coverage Among US Latino Adults.” Special issue: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(3): 561-566, 2009.

Vega WA, Rodríguez MA and Gruskin E. “Health Disparities in the Latino Population.” Epidemiologic Reviews, 31(1): 99-112, 2009.

Manuscripts published in 2010

Afable-Munsuz A, Ponce NA, Rodríguez MA and Perez-Stable EJ. “Immigrant generation and physical activity among Mexican, Chinese & Filipino adults in the U.S.” Social Science and Medicine, 70(12): 1997-2005, 2010.

Alegria M, Vallas M and Pumariega AJ. “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Pediatric Mental Health.” Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 19(4): 759-774, 2010.

Coker TR, Rodriguez MA and Flores G. “Family-Centered Care for US Children With Special Health Care Needs: Who Gets it and Why?” Pediatrics, 125(6): 1159-1167, 2010.

Duran B, Harrison M, Shurley M, Foley K, Morris P, Davidson-Stroh L, Iralu J, Jiang Y and Andrasik MP. “Tribally-Driven HIV/AIDS Health Services Partnership: Evidence-Based Meets Culture-Centered Interventions.” Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 9: 110-129, 2010.

Fish JS, Ettner S, Ang A and Brown AF. “Association of Perceived Neighborhood Safety on Body Mass Index.” American Journal of Public Health, 100(11): 2296-2303, 2010.

González HM, Vega WA, Williams DR, Tarraf W, West BT and Neighbors HW. “Depression Care in the United States: Too Little for Too Few.” Arch Gen Psychiatry, 67(1): 37-46, 2010.

González HM, Vega WA and Tarraf W. “Health Care Quality Perceptions among Foreign-Born Latinos and the Importance of Speaking the Same Language.” J Am Board of Family Medicine, 23(6): 745-752, 2010.

Interian A, Ang A, Gara MA, Link BG, Rodriguez MA and Vega WA. “Stigma and depression treatment utilization among Latinos: utility of four stigma measures.” Psychiatr Serv, 61(4): 373-379, 2010.

Iralu J, Duran B, Pearson C, Jiang Y, Foley K, Peake M and Harrison M. “Risk Factors for HIV Disease Progression in a Rural Southwest American Indian Population.” Public Health Reports, 125(Suppl 4): 1-14, 2010.

Jernigan V, Duran B, Ahn D and Winkleby M. “Changing Patterns in Health Behaviors and Risk Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Among American Indians and Alaska Natives.” American Journal of Public Health, 100(4): 677-683, 2010.

Morales LS, Varma R, Paz SH, Lai MY, Mazhar K, Andersen RM and Azen SP. “Self-Reported Use of Eye Care among Latinos: The Los Angeles Latino Eye Study.” Ophthalmology, 117: 207-215, 2010.

Nguyen H, Grzywacz J, Lang W, Walkup M and Arcury T. “Longitudinal analysis of the effects of complementary therapy on health in a national US sample of older adults.” Journal of Alternative and Complementary Therapy, 16(7): 701-706, 2010.

Reyes-Ortiz CA and Markides KS. “Socioeconomic Factors, Immigration Status, and Cancer Screening Among Mexican American Women Aged 75 and Older.” Health Care for Women International, 31: 1068-1081, 2010.

Rodriguez H, Chen J and Rodriguez MA. “A National Study of Problematic Care Experiences among Latinos with Diabetes.” Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 21(4): 1152-1168, 2010.

Vega WA, Rodriguez MA and Ang A. “Addressing stigma of depression in Latino primary care patients.” Gen Hosp Psychiatry, 32(2): 182-191, 2010.

Wallerstein N and Duran B. “Community-Based Participatory Research Contributions to Intervention Research: The Intersection of Science and Practice to Improve Health Equity.” American Journal of Public Health, 100(Suppl 1): 40-46, 2010.

Manuscripts to be published in 2011 (epublished)

Al Ghatrif M, Kuo YF, Al Snih S, Raij MA, Ray LA and Markides KS. “Trends in Hypertension Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control in Older Mexican Americans, 1993-2005.” Ann Epidemiol, 21(1): 15-25, 2011. Epub 2010 Aug.

Sequist TD, Cullen T, Bernard K, Shaykevich S, Orav J and Ayarian JZ. “Trends in Quality of Care and Barriers to Improvement in the Indian Health Service.” J Gen Intern Med, Epub 2010 Dec.

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication (In Press)

Ang A & Morisky D. "A Multilevel Analysis of the Impact of Socio-Structural and Environmental Influences on Condom Use Among Female Sex Workers." Aids and Behavior. Provisionally accepted, 2010.

Carrillo JE, et al. “Defining and Targeting Health Care Access Barriers.” Journal of Health of the Poor and Undeserved. In press, 2010.

Duru K, Bilik D, McEwen LN, Brown A, Karter AJ, Curb JD, Marrero DG, Lu S, Rodriguez MA and Mangione CM. “Primary Language, Income and the Intensification of Anti-Glycemic Medications in Managed Care: the Translating Research into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) Study.” Journal of General Internal Medicine. In press, 2010.

Markides K, et al. “Hispanic Paradox in Adult Mortality in the United States.” International Handbook of Adult Mortality. In press, 2010.

Nguyen HT, Markides K and Winkleby M. “Physician Advice on Exercise and Diet in a U.S. Sample of Obese Mexican American Adults.” American Journal of Health Promotion. In Press, 2010.

Vega WA, Ang A, Rodriguez MA and Finch BK. “Neighborhood Protective Effects on Depression in Latinos.” Am J Community Psychol. In Press, 2010.

Support for this program was provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ® Princeton, New Jersey